Distributed Energy Resources Integration and Aggregation

Our aggregation services are not only focussed on representing your portfolio in energy exchange markets.

We integrate your resources utilizing our expertise with any DER interfacing system (SCADA, API, web services, etc) or our own proprietary hardware.

We aggregate and optimize your portfolio utilizing software technologies that we develop ourselves and we offer our continuous support and real-time performance visibility of your assets through our next generation platform.

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Production and Markets Forecasting

Asset and Portfolio Integration

Real-time Performance Visibility

Operation and Maintenance

Billing, Reporting, Analytics

Holistic Energy Management

Become a Green Energy Producer & Consumer.

Are you ready to contribute actively to the protection of our environment? Would you like to become part of the modernization of energy systems? Are you interested in reducing your electrical energy cost?
Would you like to reduce the energy interruptions (blackouts) at your premises? Do you have spare space for a solar PV installation?

If you have replied positively to any of the above questions, please get in touch

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