Elin Biofuels was established in 2005, producing biodiesel and focusing on using waste as raw materials.

Mid 2007 the construction of the factory completed and Elin Biofuels started operating the biodiesel plant in the second industrial area of Volos. The plant, with a production capacity of 80,000 MT / year, used as starting material, vegetable oils, of which up to 40% could be cooking oil.

Biofuels and especially biodiesel are the most direct and effective alternative for the substitution of fossil motor fuels. Therefore the EU with successive instructions strongly supports their use.

However, environmental performance (reduction of greenhouse gases), it is the same for all biofuels. While biodiesel is produced from fresh oils, achieves a reduction of greenhouse gases by 20% to 55%, when produced from cooking oil and animal fats corresponding yield ranging from 83% to 90%.

This fact, coupled with the clear trend in government, and environmental organizations both in the EU and internationally, to support more and more the use of biofuels from waste, Elin Biofuels led to the decision to invest in this direction.

So after a very thorough investigation, a cooperation with BDI – BioEnergy International AG. was the result, which is the spearhead of the biodiesel production technology from waste, to build two new units:

acid esterification unit

dis1 dis2

and biodiesel distillation unit.


We decided to invest nearly 5 million euros at the peak of the economic crisis in our country because we believe that the only way to overcome the crisis is to look ahead and grow with productive, intelligent and environmentally consistent investment in spite of difficulties and ominous forecasts.

The investment was completed in December last year, thanks to the support of AlphaLeasing and subsidized by about 25% from the Development Law.