Elin Verd strongly believes in innovation and quality. In 2010 we established the Research and Development division, which primarily aims at improving the production process and the resulting products as well as developing new green products. Moreover, the Research and Development division works toward the participation of our company in national and European research projects. Participation in R&D projects allows Elin Verd to access cutting edge technologies and become more visible at an international level.

Research Programmes

Some of the activities concerning the research to improve the production process, the resulting products and by-products, and the development of new products are:

  • Research into raw materials, mainly waste materials or by-products, for the production of biodiesel through laboratory simulation of production processes.
  • Research into the properties of the produced products and ways of improving them, such as the properties and effects of biodiesel on diesel, the activity and properties of an antioxidant additive, etc.
  • Development of new green products with a wide range of applications, such as solvents, emulsifiers, cleaning products etc.

The other area in which the research and development division is active is the participation in research projects.  Selected R&D projects that Elin Verd has participated in, are briefly described below

  • LIGNO-FOS – Sustainable Production of Biofuels and High Added Value of Biochemical Products from Lignocellulosic Biomass (Contract no: 09SYN-32-434)
  • MICROALGAE BIO-PRODUCTS – Sustainable Use of Marine Microalgae for the Production of Biofuels and High-added Value Biochemicals (Contract no.: 1 SYN-4-1590)
  • RECOIL – Promotion of Used Cooking Oil Recycling for Sustainable Biodiesel Production (Contract : IEE/11/091/S12.61639)